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Wood Floors

Hardwood Floors

Reflect a richness and deep natural beauty, making it a popular choice for most homeowners today.  As a matter of fact, a national survey of real estate agents said homes with wood floors sold quicker and for a higher price than ones without.  Today’s wood floors are more affordable than ever.  Over time wood floors maintain their value, when other flooring options have to be replaced.  Wood floors can be refinished and repaired many times over and look new again each time maintaining the beautiful and timeless quality.  With a large selection of domestic or exotic woods, with various sizes, you can achieve any look from rustic, traditional, to a sleek contemporary look.

Pre-Finished Wood Floors

With many styles of domestic or exotic woods, pre-finished floors offer various colors and multiple textures.  Sanded and finished at the mill, the coatings are applied in a very controlled, dust free environment.  Today many of the leading pre-finished mills are using very high-tech processes to ensure your house a beautiful, durable finish.

Wood Floors:  The Logical Choice

Wood floors are easy to clean and maintain since they do not collect dust, allergens or dust mites unlike carpets.  To maintain cleaning of your floors without the toxins, oils and foreign elements of other floor cleaners, we offer a full line of Citra-Sheen cleaning products.

Custom Services:

Borders & Inlays

The sky is the limit here. You design it and we will custom build it or we can help with the design as well.  From exotic to simple, we can do it.

Fireplace Detailing

Enhance the focal point of your room with a detailed intricate border around your hearth, adding detail with class to your family room.

Flush Floor Vents

Blend in vents into your wood floor with tough but delicate wooden vents while being able to lift out the frame for cleaning.

Drop-In Floor Vents

Wood vents can be added at anytime with ease to add warmth to your room other registers cannot offer.

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